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PAR Technology Corporate is an industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality industry.  Par PixelPoint is Better My POS’s premier point of sale solution. PixelPoint has been uniquely tuned to increase performance and your bottom line, whether implemented in a fine dining restaurant, a quick service chain or even a high volume bar. Equipped with industry-leading capabilities, PixelPoint is there to aid your management team and staff in providing unparalleled service. Out of the box PixelPoint offers full menu screen customization, perpetual inventory solutions, multi-view table layouts, quick screen flow or even all-in-one bar and quick service screens, easy to use delivery and catering modules, time and attendance with integrated scheduling, and sales tracking with comprehensive reporting. In the ever competitive restaurant industry your operation must constantly adapt to meet new challenges and serve your customers in the best ways possible. PixelPoint can be easily configured to work in any environment and is able to adapt quickly as your needs change. In addition to that the software suite has been designed to work in harmony with all non-proprietary hardware and was programmed to work with all applications seamlessly, eliminating a lot of the costly product support found with other POS solutions.PixelPoint aids your restaurant by providing a rewarding experience for your patrons, as it is simply easier to train your staff on, easier for your staff to place orders quickly and accurately, and easier for your management team to accurately track and compile sales and inventory information. With the latest release of PixelPoint V12, managing restaurant operations is even easier with more choices and capabilities to run your business better.

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PixelPoint includes a built-in inventory management feature that allows you to track and manage food costs. Manage your food costs and inventory with standard and perpetual features. Accomplish everything from tracking product sales to product usage and inventory usage. The system also aids in easily creating and receiving purchase orders. Combine the Inventory and Warehouse Module with the Comprehensive reports and get detailed information on waste, spoilage, and cost of goods sold.

Menu Management

Built to accommodate the most demanding of menu layouts PixelPoint’s simplified menu designs make it easy to design unlimited menus of any restaurant environment. With Quick Bar’s we have the option to create product buttons using the product labels, offering extremely fast recognition by staff. PixelPoint also offers quick How to Make instructions for any product, eliminating the hassle of researching allergies with the kitchen or checking cocktail instructions online or in a book.

Membership & Loyalty

PixelPoints Membership and Loyalty Functionality assists in driving more business from your best customer with strong customer loyalty tools, that give you the ability to track your customers’ usage, create marketing programs, award rewards and manage coupons based on the products they purchase.

Labor Management

Increase efficiency and dramatically reduce overall labor costs by controlling clock-ins and clock-outs, utilizing advanced forecasting tools and control staffing levels. PixelPoint offers an integrated scheduling tool with employee performance levels. Track employee performance and offer the best shifts to the best individuals on your staff. Pixel’s scheduler can track each employee’s availability, can offer employees the ability to request time off at the terminal, offers management the ability to approve or decline that time off, and allows for easy printing of each employees schedule from the terminal. PixelPoint also offers a built in mail system to send out memo’s to employees which are forced on screen the next time that employee signs in and then tracks that the message was read.


Generate hundreds of comprehensive reports that can help you make smarter management decisions based on actionable information. In addition each manager can setup their own custom reports and have those reports printed or emailed on a set schedule.


No matter how demanding your environment is, PixelPoints waiting list and reservation solution interacts with the table management features to ensure you can expect an easier more effective way to manage your reservations.

Hand-Held Terminals

Increase sales, improve staff and management efficiency, and increase customer loyalty with EverServe PixelPoint’s wireless handheld solutions, a perfect complement to the PixelPoint software. It features full screen POS software and access to all of PixelPoint’s powerful features.